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The second chapter of GhostBlade release!

Read it on Tapastic or Deviantart

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世间安得双全法 不负如来不负卿

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After a long time preparing for the story and characters design, the first chapter of Ghostblade finally comes!

I did it all in my limited spare time and I have to say that it’s really not easy for me. Although it is still in my speed painting style, but when so many things get together, it became difficult… But your favourite and comment was great encouragement to me during this time! Thank you all!

Read Chapter 0 of Ghostblade: http://wlop.deviantart.com/art/GhostBlade-Chapter-0-Intro-Heaven-Eye-429378807?ga_submit_new=10%253A1390662126

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scene in ghostblade

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The first chapter of GhostBlade is coming! I’m working hard on it~ so keep an eye on me if you are interested in it~

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See you!

GhostBlade: Burning Rose by wlop

Designed for my story GhostBlade.
Burning Rose: Famous assassin, with red hair and eyes. It is said she never miss her target, and her lip is deadly toxic, just like the beautiful poisonous flower — Burning Rose.

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